March 31, 2020:

So - we're almost there. I've been doing some reponsiveness bug cleanup on the

new site generator, and based on my previewing, it's looking really nice.

Just a quick word for anyone reading - We both know about this whole COVID-19 thing

going around. All I can say is keep doing your best and hang in there; find a project

or something to do to keep your mind off things. We'll all get through this one way

or another. I work on this website just to keep my spirits and such up. I was laid

off from my software engineering job after 4 years due to budget issues, then this

whole thing hit, dashing my hopes of being employed again quickly. But right now,

we have to think about surviving this thing.

If you're still employed, working from home, or having to go into work, I'm rooting

for you and your family to make it through. Good luck to all!

So as you've probably noted, the site has switched to SSL enabled via Let's Encrypt (LE).

I'm grateful that this service now exists, and that I can use it to make my new site better.

A big thank you to them!

Within a day or so, I intend to have the site up. I still need to create a favicon, and a

bit of deployment scripting and whatnot in place. We'll get it all done eventually!

Thank you - AndrewA / Owner (

PS - if you wish to email me, just send your comments to andrewa at the above domain name - and I'll get 'em. Thanks!