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DC Motor Servo Tester - An Update - 2020-07-09 @ 21:15:00

For the user interface, I'm using an LCD and button interface that was originally meant as a replacement part for the ANET A8 3D printer...

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DC Motor and Servo Tester - 2020-06-15 @ 00:15:00

So I'm beginning a new project to create what I am calling a "DC Motor and Servo Tester"...

Tags: arduino, motor, servo, projects, fabrication, articles

Jeep Battery Holddown Fabrication - 2020-06-07 @ 15:00:00

Recently, I found the battery holddown strap on my Jeep was broken...

Tags: jeep, battery, holddown, fabrication

What's next? - 2020-04-16 @ 23:00:00

You may be wondering what you can expect to see on this site later...

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Launching during a pandemic? - 2020-04-16 @ 22:00:00

I never expected that I would launch a new site during a worldwide pandemic.

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Welcome to my new site - 2020-04-15 @ 19:00:00

Welcome everyone, and thank you for visiting my new site!

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