PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG is a private site set up to discuss ideas about technology and related topics as determined by its representatives and/or owner, Andrew L. Ayers. As such, we don't ask for link or idea submissions, but we always welcome any ideas or links you run across which you think may be of interest of others. If you have an idea or a link submission, the following guidelines should help you determine what to do.
  1. Is the link or idea pertinent to discussions (past or present) on PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG? In other words, does the link or idea move forward or add to a discussion or idea presented on PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG?

  2. Sometimes links or idea presentations can be more effective within the context of a larger discussion, and should be posted as a sub-thread in a discussion. If a discussion doesn't lend itself to such ideas or links immediately, waiting and seeing if one opens up in a timely manner that does can be worthwhile.

  3. PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG enjoys getting and posting links and/or ideas which may not have broad-spectrum appeal on mass search engines (ie, not a lot of people linking to or discussing it). The more special or under-rated the link/idea is, the more likely it may be posted if it is deemed worthy (truly worthless links or ideas, in the opinion of PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG, won't be considered).

  4. Not all links or ideas submitted to PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG will be posted. Those that are will be properly attributed as accurately as possible to the submitter. If your link or idea doesn't make it, it will generally be because the link or idea violated one or more of the above guidelines, one or more of the posting rules, or one or more of the Terms and Conditions. Don't bother emailing PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG about failed link or idea submissions; such decisions are final and are not up for discussion by or with PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG.

  5. Links or ideas submitted to PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG are subject to these guidelines, the posting rules, and the Terms and Conditions as outlined.
Still interested? Then contact us, and let's see what happens!