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 FAQ: Why can't I comment on articles?
Originally, I had this site set up to only allow registered and logged in users to comment on articles; now, anybody can comment on an article.

As long as the article is set to allow commenting, and the article hasn't "aged out" of its commenting period (which can vary from "one week" to "forever", depending on what I set the commenting period to for the article), anybody can comment on the article. Not all articles are set to allow commenting, though. Such articles serve mainly as bulletins or other announcements to the users of

I now allow anonymous users to comment on an article; such users must enter a CAPTCHA security code to submit their comment. I do want to urge all users, though, to consider creating an account before commenting - but it isn't necessary...

 FAQ: Who is this guy? Ivan Sutherland!
This, my friends, is Ivan Sutherland (new window), probably the most famous computer scientist you've barely (if at all) heard of...
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 FAQ: Will you do a project on XYZ?
I am always open to suggestions for new articles and projects. I cannot, however, guarantee that any user-submitted project or article suggestion will be used. If such a suggestion is used, though, I will make sure to credit the submitter. Please see the submission guidelines for more detail.
 FAQ: Hey! Where did XYZ (article, project, image, etc) go?
If you were brought here via an old link (typically from Slashdot or Fark, although I am sure other links lead here), or via a link to the old site that somebody passed to you, or you haven't visited in a while, my apologies...
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 FAQ: Ugh - javascript! Why?
What is this, 1998? If you are still grousing about javascript, please stop. It's not only embarrassing, your side lost. I am sorry, but today we have many, many more uses for javascript, namely DHTML and AJAX.
 FAQ: Do you have a resume/cv?
Yes I do. It is available upon request; contact me for more information.
 FAQ: Do you take donations?
Not at this moment, not officially. However, if you really want to donate, contact me and we can set something up. Just note that it won't be tax deductable - The Human Fund: Money For People (new window).
 FAQ: Can I buy a bumpersticker or otherwise support your site?
Well, right I do have an idea to add a CafePress link, but I haven't quite decided what to put on there. However, if I do come up with something, I will let everyone know!
 FAQ: Why the name
The first incarnation of this site was set up as a simple homepage at an ISP known as Internet Direct (yes, -that- Internet Direct), and was known simply as "The Garage". Later, I decided to obtain an actual web site, and when I got the domain I figured that since I was physically located in Phoenix, Arizona, and my site was called "The Garage", the domain name should combine the two.
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 FAQ: Who is Andrew L. Ayers?
I am an individual who grew up, as many male children do, to take things apart and build things with those parts. However, rather than "growing out of it" as many do when they grow into adulthood, I instead continued with my fascinations.
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 FAQ: Can you help me with my project/website/dog?
I don't mind having a question asked of me now and again; after all, isn't that what this website is about? To that end, if it is a general question that you need help with something, and you think I can give some guidance, then by all means send it to me, and I will try to provide an answer to the best of my abilities...
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 FAQ: What is the purpose of the CAPTCHAs?
I have implemented a CAPTCHA (new window) system in an attempt to preempt SPAM purveyors from hijacking this site's article commenting forums for their own uses. No one likes it when a flood of SPAM comments is unleashed in a forum, and this measure is an attempt to help form a barrier to keep it from happening here.
 FAQ: Why does the site look "wrong" in IE, but looks OK in Firefox?
Two reasons, mainly:

  1. I originally coded the site to look good in Firefox, and Firefox only. I don't have constant access to a recent copy of Internet Explorer, so testing in that browser isn't something I can currently do in an easy fashion.

  2. I intended to clean up the DHTML to make it look as good as possible for both browsers, and if possible, in Safari as well, before the release of the site. However, after a quick check in the version of Internet Explorer I did have access to (I believe it is version 6, but I am not certain), I saw that it seemed to work well enough to be usable, if not pretty. Instead of investing more time to make it perfect, I decided to release the site as-is so I could concentrate other projects.

I intend to go back through at a later date and make it look better, as I find the time. Call it a future "phase 2" renovation. For now, the best experience of the site will be found using Firefox, which is available for all major PC platforms: (new window)