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 VR / AR: Oculus Rift Kickstarter: Make a Pledge - Change Gaming Forever...
I'm excited to be a part of this Kickstarter! I made my pledge to get a dev kit; I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with it, but I might just have to haul out a bunch of my old VR gear and other junk, and take a crack at it once it arrives. Actually, I'll probably do that before it arrives. I had planned on integrating my VR gear into my UGV project, for a telepresence capability. There's also the possibility of pulling out some old Python OpenGL code I have and playing with that, too. Who knows! I am just glad that I could contribute to this project. I encourage you to do so as well!

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 VR / AR: Amazing! Telemedicine predicted in 1925...!
This article on yet another amazing prediction by Hugo Gernsback details how he predicted telemedicine - with a twist!
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 VR / AR: A motion 1895?
Well, more or less, according to this interesting article on forgotten inventor Robert W. Paul...
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 VR / AR: Barco RP-360 Flight Simulation Dome
Oh, to be able to own one of these for frivolous purposes...
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 VR / AR: Pioneering Research Papers in 3D Virtual Environments
For a recent posting I wrote to a fellow member on the Arduino forums, I spent an hour or more tracking down a few historical papers on the technology of Virtual/Augmented Reality. My interest in these papers was mainly that of an amateur historical archivist; I had an idea that they existed, but in the past I wasn't able to successfully locate them. Either I became better at searching, or Google expanded its index; I greatly suspect the latter, actually...
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 VR / AR: Homebrew Waldo/Motion Capture Rig - With Arduino!
This guy posted on the Arduino forums some pics and a link to his website detailing the progress he is making on construction of a custom waldo/mo-cap rig to control a Nao robot...
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 VR / AR: CheapVR - An (old) series on Homebrew VR
Waaay back in the day (1994) I played around with VR more than I do now. Recently, I decided to join a new homebrew VR group that's just starting up, and I decided to dust these oldies off, and post them once more...
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 VR / AR: Flogiston Design - Design for the Immersive Age
I was doing some research for a post on the Arduino forums, and I re-discovered this site...
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