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 General: Just a little change...
You may notice some slight differences here and there with the site. I decided to change things up slightly, to display a running feed of the last ten articles posted, and to not display "all articles" any longer - it was just making the site a mess. It's still possible to get to all articles, new and old (and there's no more archive, it was redundant). I updated the RSS feed to act the same way. I'm hoping this might improve my page rank a bit, but mostly I got tired of seeing only one article every time I posted a new one; my old aging system didn't make any sense. Enjoy!
 General: HOWTO: Spotting the Low-Level Techie
I frequently visit and read an atheist and science-oriented blog called Pharyngula. Not too long back, Pharyngula moved from ScienceBlogs to its new host at Freethought Blogs. Earlier this week, there was a server upgrade, and things got wonky; comments went missing, comments were assigned to the wrong posting, etc. PZ is understandably upset and exasperated. On that blog posting, one of the commenters, ColonelZen, posed a question that I thought I would try to answer, one that I have been asked in the past. My answer may not be the greatest, and it might act as a chainsaw where a scalpel is needed - but sometimes, drastic surgery is the only real option to getting the answers needed...
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 General: How to Fix Ubuntu 10.04 /tmp Clearing Bug
Well - really, this is a hack, not so much a fix - so read on if you dare!
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 General: URLAI stats for this site...
Well, according to URLAI (new window), this site is written by

...a male somewhere between 51-65 years old...

and I have a

...writing style {that} is academic and happy most of the time...

I'm not sure it is a totally fair assessment (new window) - I'm not that old, dammit! {...grumble...}

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 General: A Minor Facelift for the Site
In a previous article I noted that I was making some changes to the site; today I have completed them. I hope that they will bring more visitors, and that perhaps now I will get some comments on articles.
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 General: ChChCh...Changes...!
If you're reading this, you've probably noticed the filtering option by now...
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 General: Link Sharing Is Here!
Yeah, yeah - nothing new to everyone else, but I finally got around to adding it...
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 General: Another Nearly Pointless Update
It's been a while since I last posted, if anyone out there cares and is reading this, read on, and you'll be filled in...
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 General: It Can Be Done
I found this neat little website which opens with the line "Do not believe the naysayers who say it cannot be done". Apparently it is centered around an individual who goes by the handle of "rog8811"...
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 General: Welcome, Nuts and Volts Readers!
Welcome to my website. Whether you arrived here via the link in the Nuts and Volts September 2008 issue, where it was announced that I won (new window) Vern Graner's Personal Robotics $100 Workbench Design Challenge (new window), or in another manner, I want to thank you for visiting.

Enjoy the website, and consider joining's member list to post comments to this and other articles!

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 General: Lately, I've Been Lazy...
I've been lazy about my site, and about my projects. Which is strange, because I have been working...
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 General: Republican Presidential Nominee McCain Responds!!!
I recently received this email response from John McCain. Note the distinct lack of reference to what it is regarding. This man and his staff are considered "presidential material"? A wookie from the planet Endor makes more sense than this...
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 General: Possible Breakage...
To all who visit: Please be patient, I am switching stuff over to mod_rewrite, and you may notice things breaking from time to time. This is normal. I will post a comment when everything seems stable. If you continue to have problems, please contact me...
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 General: Reciprocality - An Archive
"This project began as a bit of practical industrial psychology, and ended up unfolding into an understanding of how most people in most human societies have a consistently distorted view of everything. Not everyone is caught in the confusion, and as the picture emerged, an alternative model of relationships between observable phenomena that seems to be experienced by creative programmers in software engineering, star diagnosticians in medicine, great physicists and mathematicians, so-called ADHD children, people who "Know Quality" in industry, poets, painters, sculptors and mystics became describable - but only in its own terms. The alternative picture is wholly rational, but not reductionistic. Best of all, it is scientifically grounded and experimentally testable. If the experiments fail we can junk it. If they work, we've learned something important." - Alan G Carter
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 General: Modern Mechanix: Yesterday's Tommorow Today
This blog was recently recommended to me. If you are a fan of old tech magazines (Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Byte, etc), then you will love this site.
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 General: MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU
All I can say is "WOW!" - this is a great example of street art...
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 General: Mr. Trent Franks: Why do you think I am stupid?
I recently (like 5 minutes ago) sent an email to my Congressman, Trent Franks (new window), after I received one of his so-slickly-produced mailers. Even though I should know better by now, it still surprises me that he regards the citizens of this state to be so ignorant. Then again, maybe he is right?
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 General: America is China is America - The All-Seeing Eye
Every day I seem to come across an article or comment that does nothing but solidify the idea, in my mind, that we are living in a dystopian nightmare as bad or worse than anything depicted in a fictional context.
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 General: The Law of 150 - Otherwise Known as the Monkeysphere
"One death is a tragedy. One million deaths is a statistic." -Sportacus

So begins David Wong's (new window) humorous and insightful article on

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 General: Daniel Quinn - The Human Future: A Problem in Design
Sometimes the jewels on the internet are hidden from you until that right moment and time comes along, when it somehow seems to hand you the treasure. I was recently handed such a gem, and I want to share it with you.
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 General: FOSS Factory
FOSS Factory is the only website where the community collaborates on every aspect of free/open source software production, including design, funding and development. Our mission is to help accelerate the advancement of free/open source software.
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 General: Ugly doesn't begin to describe it...
Of course, what I am referring to here is the look of the site, especially under Internet Explorer 7.
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