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Posted on 2008-09-11 @ 00:04:51 by r00t

Welcome to my website. Whether you arrived here via the link in the Nuts and Volts September 2008 issue, where it was announced that I won (new window) Vern Graner's Personal Robotics $100 Workbench Design Challenge (new window), or in another manner, I want to thank you for visiting.

Enjoy the website, and consider joining's member list to post comments to this and other articles!

At the moment, I can't offer much more than that about my winning entry that hasn't already been published. I got a big kick out of the contest, and I honestly never thought I would win.

A funny story:

When Vern called my house to announce my winning, he talked to my wife first. She called me at work and told me that a lawyer from Texas was asking for me about some legal issue. Talk about freaking me out; it wasn't April anymore! I called him (not recognizing the name, having long forgotten my contest entry), with trepidation, wondering what was going on. He answered, I was nervous, he told me I won - I scowled at my wife (with love, dear!)...

All's well that ends well, I suppose...

UPDATE: Download the full text of my entry below!

UPDATE: Originally posted on August 27th, 2008, I have decided to extend the article time period for another month...enjoy!

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