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Posted on 2008-04-02 @ 22:07:48 by r00t

The first incarnation of this site was set up as a simple homepage at an ISP known as Internet Direct (yes, -that- Internet Direct), and was known simply as "The Garage". Later, I decided to obtain an actual web site, and when I got the domain I figured that since I was physically located in Phoenix, Arizona, and my site was called "The Garage", the domain name should combine the two.

I performed a WHOIS search on, and the domain was found to be available. Further searches on the .org and .net variations showed that they, too, were available. I grabbed the .org domain first, and followed with the other two at a later date.

I had decided that I would use the .org domain because it seemed more in line with what I wanted to accomplish with my site - it felt like a "non-profit" endeavor. The other two domains were parked for other uses (right now they show an out-of-date redirect page to this site - in fact, they are so out of date, they still list my email address as being current!).

I figure that someday I might use either the .com or .net domain addresses for a business or something, if someone doesn't come to me with an offer I can't refuse.

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