FAQ: Who is Andrew L. Ayers?
Posted on 2008-04-02 @ 22:07:44 by r00t

I am an individual who grew up, as many male children do, to take things apart and build things with those parts. However, rather than "growing out of it" as many do when they grow into adulthood, I instead continued with my fascinations.

I am an extreme autodidact - I suspect most users of this site will be as well. My main interests are within the areas of Computer Science and Robotics Engineering. I have side interests in other areas as well, such as Alternative Energy and Medieval Engineering, to name a couple.

I am an INTJ (new window), with all the charm and personality therein.

I am a Rationalist (new window). I trust in thought, knowledge, logic and rationality. I understand and support the use of the scientific method (new window). Its value in aiding the task of unlocking truths, and advancing our total knowledge as a species, is unmatched by any other presently known methods of inquiry.

I have been employed as a professional software developer in the Phoenix Metro area for over 15 years, using a wide variety of platforms, operating systems and tools for application development.

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