Personal: My Dinner: Chicken and Waffles
Posted on 2012-04-15 @ 01:18:51 by r00t

Earlier tonight, I had a craving - I wanted chicken and waffles. I satisfied that craving in a manner that probably isn't 100 percent "soul-food approved", but it got the job done...

So - how did I make this concoction?

Well - I went to the grocery store, and purchased:

  1. Cold fried chicken from the deli (this was after the deli counter was closed)
  2. Frozen waffles
  3. Cheap pancake syrup
  4. A bag of tater tots

I started by throwing the tots (on a pan with parchment paper) in the oven at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, I pulled them out, flipped them, then added the chicken pieces, and put it back in the oven. I continued heating for another 10 minutes. I pulled them out again, flipped the chicken, and returned it to the oven for another 5 minutes. At that point I started making the waffles in the toaster. After the waffles were done, I put them on a plate and buttered them. I then pulled out the chicken and tots, and placed the chicken pieces on the waffles, and the tots in a bowl. I put syrup all over the chicken and waffles, and seasoned the tots with some creole season and fresh ground pepper. DONE:

Chicken and Waffles
Questions or Comments?

The image doesn't do it justice; it was really tasty, but definitely not something to have every day (maybe once a year at most).

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