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Posted on 2012-03-10 @ 19:15:11 by r00t

A long time ago, on an old incarnation of this website, I had an archive of information on hacking the Acer NT-150, which was a TV set-top box based around a custom AMD 586/133 motherboard:

Acer NT-150 Front
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Acer NT-150 Rear
Questions or Comments?

When I created the new version of the site, I saved a copy of the archive, but never restored it. I guess the time has come to bring it back.

What prompted me bringing it back was an individual asking for it; indeed, this is the way most things from "the old days" get put back up on this site. Anyhow, this individual lost his copy of information and such, so I decided I would post everything I had as a zip file so he could download it. Hopefully it will help him. Anyhow, if you need it, just click on the link to the zip file below. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a copy of the old mailing list archive; that's probably long gone (if you have a copy (even partial), I would love to get it and put it in the archive.


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nt150.zipAcer NT-150 Archive 2534.60 Kb
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