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Last year I showed you our "crop" of Massive Mutant Lemons - this year, we got some more! Many more, in fact...and more MASSIVE!!!

We started noticing these lemons coming in around October of last year; tiny things, but we kept watering our lemon bushes, and taking care of them. We didn't have a heavy frost this winter, either (at the same time we prepared for one and gathered more sheets and things to cover everything with - which we did do a few times when it seemed like it would get cold enough). We figured the time was right for picking them. Plus Tanja wanted to remove some old Texas sage bushes that had just grown too wild and weird. So we figured we would take the lemons off first.

So how many did we get?

Lemon Army
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Ten! Ten MASSIVE MUTANT LEMONS! Just how massive? You judge - this one's the smallest:

Our Smallest Lemon
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That's right! Our smallest lemon weighs over half a pound, at 10.3 ounces (292 grams)!

Wanna see something scary? Check this:

Lemon Behind Can
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Lemon Next to Can
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Yep - wider and taller than a can of soda! How much does it weigh?

Massive Mutant Lemon Weigh-In
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LOLWHUT?! That's right: One pound, 8.4 ounces (688.89 grams)!!! I've eaten ribeye steaks smaller than that!

Massive Mutant Lemon Girth
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I think it needs a diet...

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