Electronics: Altair 8800 - CCS 6502 Board
Posted on 2010-08-02 @ 22:49:29 by r00t

A few months back I purchased this board to go with my collection of Altair 8800 items; I don't know much about this board, other than it is a bare (no components installed) 6502 processor board for the Altair 8800 system. It was made by CCS (California Computer Systems) in 1979.

This site has an image of the completed board with components. (new window)

If anyone has the assembly manual, or has a set of schematics, or any other information related to assembly, I would appreciate a copy. I don't know if I would assemble it or not, as I don't know what it would do to the value of the card as a vintage computer component. Maybe someone can take these scans and have new PCBs manufactured...? One can hope, right?

Anyway - download the ZIP file of the scans (300 DPI, JPEG format) below...

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ccs_6502_board.zipAltair 8800 - CCS 6502 Board (300 dpi, JPEG) 1976.26 Kb
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