VR / AR: CheapVR - An (old) series on Homebrew VR
Posted on 2010-07-07 @ 19:48:01 by r00t

Waaay back in the day (1994) I played around with VR more than I do now. Recently, I decided to join a new homebrew VR group that's just starting up, and I decided to dust these oldies off, and post them once more...

First, though, let me tell you about the group - it's called VRGeeks (new window), and it was started by the owner of this site (new window), Sébastien "Cb" Kuntz. After joining the site, and telling a little about myself, I decided "what the heck - they may be worthless, but they haven't been seen in a while, so why not?" - so here are these old-school memories of homebrew VR experiments.

BTW - don't bother trying any of the email addresses listed in there (especially not my address at - yes, that!) - they likely don't work...


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chpvr001.txtCheap VR - Part I 18.60 Kb
chpvr002.txtCheap VR - Part II 23.99 Kb
chpvr003.txtCheap VR - Part III 11.15 Kb
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