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Posted on 2010-05-22 @ 15:56:34 by r00t - Read the parent: ChChCh...Changes...!

In a previous article I noted that I was making some changes to the site; today I have completed them. I hope that they will bring more visitors, and that perhaps now I will get some comments on articles.

I have made the following changes to my site:

  1. Various display bugs were corrected, including a bad one that has been a part of the site for a long time, that was causing some articles not to span the full width of the page.
  2. The original image gallery pop-up window has been replaced with the Dynamic Drive Lightbox image viewer 2.03a by Lokesh Dhakar (new window)
  3. Adding the Lightbox of course added support for Scriptaculous and Prototype (yay!)
  4. Fixed the icons for "VR / AR" and "Electronics" categories
  5. I added a FAQ for Ivan Sutherland (who appears as the "VR / AR" category icon
  6. Support for anonymous guest comments on articles was added; I think that requiring registration for commenting was driving people away from making comments
  7. Added article sharing support for
  8. Finally, I added an RSS feed for the recent news comments

I am hoping to continue to post semi-regular updates on this site regarding my projects and other things I find interesting. Hopefully these changes will encourage users to visit this site more, and see what is going on...

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