Terms, Conditions, and Posting Rules

Ok, ok - first off, my appologies for including this section. Maybe I am hallucinating again, but I seem to remember a time when there wasn't a need for legal mumbo-jumbo on a web site. People tended to have common sense, and generally, when things went wrong, a lawsuit didn't "naturally" follow.

Times have changed, unfortunately (and tort reform is needed, but that is another discussion)...

So, to this end, I have come up with a set of terms, conditions, posting rules, and submission guidelines which I hope that all users of this site will take a look at. If you wish to become a member, your signup signifies that you have read and understand each and every one of these documents, so it is in your interest to study them, if only briefly.

I do appologize for their lack of brevity - unfortunately, it seems you have to spell things out in very minute detail these days because many people just seem to lack an intellectual capacity to extrapolate from a brief concept (the scary part: I could have gone into much greater detail than I did, but I chose a happy medium instead - you're welcome).

Even so, the base concept behind not being banned or otherwise sanctioned by PHOENIXGARAGE.ORG is simple, and only the most dense of readers will fail to comprehend:


Follow this rule, and you will likely have no problems at all. Fail to understand this simple rule, and consequences may follow. Beware - bwahahahah!!!

If you have any other questions or comments regarding any of these documents, contact me...