The site you are now viewing is the culmination of many years of effort. Initially, the site started out in a very humble manner, as a small webpage residing on my local ISP's (Internet Direct - - Home of the "green card" spam that started it all) server in 1994. From there, it gradually expanded and changed, becoming more sophisticated as my skills grew, until it finally became what you see today.

While the code and data behind the current incarnation of is anything but simple, my goal and purpose is: to provide inspiration.

I hope that through the detailing of my many personal projects, I can give back a little to the internet community, which over the years has provided me with so much. As such, this site is both a gift and a "thank you".

This site employs a custom multi-tier design utilizing PHP, MySQL, HTML and advanced CSS design to provide a custom and unique browsing experience. The site is best experienced using a fully CSS standards compliant browser, such as Firefox and Mozilla, or Konquerer. Users of other browsers (such as Internet Explorer and Opera) may experience minor rendering issues due to non-CSS compliance...

On a final note, if something on this site interests you enough to consider requesting my services, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information, or to request a copy of my resume.

Thank you, and enjoy the site!